A full day of workshops on moldmaking and casting, special-effects, hair, and makeup, and a tremendous opportunity to share and interact with your fellow artists. 

The Engineer Guy is the Intergalactic HQ for Creatives of All Genres and Flavors!

One Day Only!

Son-of-Goo Con is Saturday, December 1, at the E-Guy Intergalactic HQ located just east of the Atlanta Airport. 

Nelson A Burke Company LLC DBA The Engineer Guy - 1000 Tradeport Blvd - Suite 1011 Atlanta - GA - 30354 - 404.685.8804 - sales@theengineerguy.com

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Tickets are $10 in advance and go on sale on October 10. Follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER for updates on guests, schedules and other logistical tidbits.