JabeCon is a new entertainment media group at Cumberland University in Lebanon, TN called Entertainment Art Organization. Their group is designed to promote the interest of the art inside entertainment and foster local discussion. In order to best do this, they run JABEcon!(japan, Animation, Books, and Entertainment convention). JABEcon! is a collection of panels, workshops, and guests all in various fields of entertainment art and the culture of its creation.

Summer 2014 - Lebanon, TN

Sci Fi Summer Con covers all things Sci-Fi. This Con in it's 13th year covers all genre's and has fun events through out the weekend to keep you entertained. If you are a sci-fi fanatic the head to this great summer con!

June 7th - 9th, 2013 - Atlanta, GA

GnomeCon is a science fiction/fantasy and gaming convention located in Savannah, Georgia. Their focus is on education and literacy. They believe strongly in giving back to the community by donating a majority of their profits to the Live Oak Public Library and supporting its programs, such as its “Geek the Library” campaign. Their goal is to always remain creative and actively grow with the genre to remain current and relevant. While gaming will always remain the foundation of the convention, our goal is to include all genres, such as comics, art, cos-play, animé, etc. It is our belief that a convention of this type greatly enhances Savannah’s diversity and culture.


April 11th - 13th, 2014 - Savannah, GA

Costuming Track

The largest convention around, this fan driven con continues to grow! And here at The Engineer Guy we are happy to be a part of it each year. The costuming track is one of the essential tracks to see at Dragon*con as you will learn from some of the best on how to make those costumes stand out.


August 30th - September 2nd 2013 - Atlanta, GA

Friends of Goo-Con


A listing of other conventions you should check out!

Sukoshi Con operates multiple Anime Conventions throughout the year in various states in the southeast.

Sukoshi Con is the Anime Convention that you attend between larger Conventions. They are a Social Anime Con that promotes interacting with fellow fans and trying to keep that sub-culture feel.

July 19th -  21st, 2013 Lousiville, KY

October 26th - 27th, 2013 Athens, GA

January 3rd - 5th, 2014 Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Chattacon is an annual speculative fiction literary convention held each January in Chattanooga, Tennessee USA and is sponsored by The Chattanooga Sepeculative Fiction Fans , Inc.
Description. Professionals and fans of Speculate Fiction can meet and share their appreciation for this literary form and all that springs from it. Chattacon features a Dealers Room, Art Show, Gaming, Panel discussions and Workshops centered around Speculative Fiction.

January 24th - 26th, 2014 - Chattanooga, TN